Archives Cometary  in Chili
(I10 and W96)

R.C 400mm F/D:8 "Remote" 


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Alain Maury :

Chili 2014 SpaceObs. Atacama :  VoyageChiliMai2014.html

Specific comments

Archives pictures 2013 to 2020 :

# 26275 Jefsoulier #

02201 (MBC)
03252 Don Quixote
62412 (MBC)
3200 Phaéton
10199 Chariklo
2004 EW95 // (120216) : C 0216
06478 Gault  (cometary activity)

2P Encke
4P Faye
7P Pons-Winnecke
9P Tempel
10P Tempel  (rediscovery W96 / 2015)
11P Tempel-Swift-Linear
15P Finlay (rediscovery W96 / 2014)
16P Brooks (rediscovery W96 / 2014)
17P Holmes
19P Borrelly (rediscovery W96 / 2014)
21P Giacobini-Zinner
22P Kopff
24P Schaumasse
26P Gripp-Skjellerup
29P S-W 1 (2013 at 2016)
29P S-W1 (2017)
29P S-W1 (2018)
29P S-W1 (2019)
29P S-W1 (2020)
30P Reinmuth 1
32P Comas Sola
33P Daniel
37P Forbes
38P Stephan-Oterma
40P Vaisala
41P Tuttle-Giacobini-Kresak
43P Wolf-Harrington
44P Reinmuth (rediscovery W96 / 2014)
45P Honda-Mrkos-Pajdusakova
46P Wirtanen
48P Johnson
50P Arend (rediscovery W96 / 2015)
51P Harrington (rediscovery W96 / 2015)
53P Van Biesbroeck
(rediscovery W96 / 2015)
56P Slaughter-Burnham
57P du Toit-Neujmin-Delporte (rediscovery W96/2015)
63P Wild
64P Swift-Gehrels
65P Gunn
(rediscovery W96 / 2014)
66P Du Toit
67P Churyumov-Gerasimenko
70P Kojima
71P Clark
72P Denning-Fujikawa

73P Schwassmann-Wachmann (fragmentation W96/2017)
74P Smirnova-Chernykh
77P Longmore
81P Wild
88P Howell
94P Russell
95P Chiron
96P Machholz
98P Takamizawa
104P Kowal
106P Schuster (rediscovery W96 / 2014)
108P Ciffreo
110P Hartley
114P Wiseman-Skiff
116P Wild
117P Helin-Roman-Alu
123P West-Hartley
125P Spacewatch
127P Holt-Olmstead 
(rediscovery W96 / 2015)
133P Elst-Pizarro (MBCs)
134P Kowal-Vavrova
136P Mueller (rediscovery W96/2015)
141P "A" et "H" Machholz
144P Kushida (rediscovery W96/2016)
151P Helin
152P Helin-Lawrence
154P Brewington
157P Tritton
162P Siding-Spring
170P Christensen
174P Echeclus (MBC)
176P Linear (MBC)
178P Hug-Bell
180P Neat
181P Shoemaker-Levy (rediscovery W96/2014)
185P Petriew (rediscovery W96/2017)
186P Garrad
188P Linear-Mueller (rediscovery W96/2016)
191P Mc Naught
197P Linear
201P Loneos
205P Giacobini
208P Mc Millan (rediscovery W96/2016)
209P Linear
213P Van Ness
218P Linear
221P Linear
226P Pigott-Linear-Kowalski
235P Linear
238P Read (MBC) (rediscovery W96/2016)
246P Neat
230P Linear
252P Linear
259P Garradd
268P Bernardi
(rediscovery W96/2014)
284P Mc Naught
285P Linear
288P (MBC)
289P Blanpain
292P Li
296P Garradd
300P Catalina
304P Ory
318P Mc Naught-Hartley
319P Catalina-Mc Naught
325P Yang-Gao
329P Linear-Catalina
333P Linear
344P Read
364P Panstarrs

C 2006 S3 Loneos

C 2009 F4 Mc Naught
C 2009 P1 Garradd

C 2011 F1 Linear
C 2011 J2 Linear (fragmentation)
C 2011 KP36 Spacewatch
C 2011 O1 Linear

C 2012 C1 Mc Naught
C 2012 F3 Panstarrs
C 2012 J1 Catalina
C 2012 K1 Panstarrs
C 2012 L2 Linear
C 2012 S1 Ison
C 2012 S3 Panstarrs
C 2012 S4 Panstarrs
C 2012 V2 Linear
C 2012 X1 Linear
C 2012 X2 Panstarrs

C 2013 A1 Siding-Spring
C 2013 C2 Tenagra
C 2013 E1 Mc Naught
C 2013 E2 Iwamoto
C 2013 G1 Kowalski
C 2013 G7 Mc Naught
C 2013 G8 Panstarrs
C 2013 N4 Borisov
C 2013 P3 Palomar
C 2013 P4 Panstarrs
C 2013 R1 Lovejoy
C 2013 S1 Catalina
C 2013 U1 Catalina
C 2013 UQ4 Catalina (circular W96)
C 2013 US10 Catalina
C 2013 V1 Boattini
C 2013 V2 Borisov
C 2013 V3 Nevski
C 2013 V4 Catalina
C 2013 V5 Oukaimeden
C 2013 X1 Panstarrs
C 2013 Y2 Panstarrs (circular W96)

C 2014 A4 Sonear
C 2014 AA52 Catalina
C 2014 B1 Schwartz
C 2014 C3 Neowise (circular W96)
C 2014 E2 Jacques (circular W96)
C 2014 F1 Hill (circular W96)
C 2014 F2 Tenagra (circular W96)
C 2014 G1 Panstarrs (circular W96)
C 2014 G3 Panstarrs (circular W96)
C 2014 H1 Christensen (circular W96)
C 2014 M1 Panstarrs (circular W96)
C 2014 M3 Catalina (circular W96)
C 2014 N2 Panstarrs (circular W96)
C 2014 N3 Neowise
C 2014 OE4 Panstarrs
C 2014 Q1 Panstarrs (circular W96)
C 2014 Q2 Lovejoy (circular W96)
C 2014 Q3 Borisov (circularW96)
C 2014 Q6 Panstarrs (circular W96)
C 2014 R1 Borisov
C 2014 S1 Panstarrs (circular W96)
C 2014 S2 Panstarrs (circular W96)
C 2014 W2 Panstarrs (circular W96)
C 2014 W5 Lemmon-Panstarrs (circular W96)
C 2014 W6 Catalina
C 2014 W8 Panstarrs (circular W96)
C 2014 W9 Panstarrs (circular W96)
C 2014 W11 Panstarrs (circular W96)
C 2014 Y1 Panstarrs (circular W96)

C 2015 A1 Panstarrs (circular W96)
C 2015 B2 Panstarrs (circular W96)
C 2015 C2 Swan (circular W96)
C 2015 D2 Panstarrs (circular W96)
C 2015 D3 Panstarrs (circular W96)
C 2015 ER61 Panstarrs
C 2015 F2 Polonia
C 2015 F4 Jacques (circular W96)
C 2015 G2 Master (circular W96)
C 2015 H1 Bressi (circular W96)
C 2015 H2 Panstarrs (circular W96)
C 2015 J1 Panstarrs (circular W96)
C 2015 J2 Panstarrs (circular W96)
C 2015 K1 Master (circular W96)
C 2015 K4 Panstarrs (circular W96)
C 2015 LC2 Panstarrs
C 2015 M1 Panstarrs (circular W96)
C 2015 O1 Panstarrs (circular W96)
C 2015 P3 Swan (circular W96)
C 2015 Q1 Scotti (circular W96)
C 2015 R1 Panstarrs (circular W96)
C 2015 R3 Panstarrs (circular W96)
C 2015 T4 Panstarrs (circular W96)
C 2015 V2 Johnson
C 2015 V3 Panstarrs
C 2015 V4 Panstarrs (circular W96)
C 2015 X7 Atlas
C 2015 Y1 Linear (circular W96)

C 2016 A1 Panstarrs (circular W96)
C 2016 A8 Linear
C 2016 C2 Neowise
C 2016 E1 Panstarrs (circular W96)
C 2016 K1 Linear (circular W96)
C 2016 M1 Panstarrs
C2016 N4 Master
C 2016 N6 Panstarrs
C 2016 S1 Panstarrs (circular W96)

C 2017 A1 Panstarrs (circular W96)
C 2017 A3 Elenin (circular W96)
C 2017 B3 Linear
C 2017 D2 Barros
C 2017 D3 Atlas
C 2017 E1 Borisov
C 2017 E2 Xuyi
C 2017 E4 Lovejoy
C 2017 K4 Atlas (circular W96)
C 2017 K6 Jacques (circular W96)
C 2017 O1 (ciruclar W96)
C 2017 T1 Heinze
C 2017 T2 Panstarrs

C 2018 A6 Gibbs
C 2018 E1 Atlas (circular W96)
C 2018 E2 Barros (circular W96)
C 2018 F1 Grauer (circular W96)
C 2018 F4 Panstarrs (fragmentation)
C 2018 K1 Weiland (circular W96)
C 2018 L2 Atlas
C 2018 N2 Asassn
C 2018 V1 Machhlotz-Fujikawa-Iwamoto (circular W96)
C 2018 Y1 Iwamoto

P 2007 V2 Hill
K07V85A => P 2007 VA85 Linear (circular W96)

P 2007 T6 Catalina

P 2010 V1 Ikeya-Murakami 

P 2011 CR42 Catalina

P 2012 B1 Panstarrs

P 2013 CU129 Panstarrs
P 2013 J2 Mc Naught
P 2013 N3 Panstarrs
P 2013 02 Panstarrs
P 2013 P1 Panstarrs
P 2013 R3 Catalina Panstarrs
P 2013 T1 Panstarrs
P 2013 YG46 Spacewatch (circular W96)

P 2014 A2 Hill (circular W96)
P 2014 A3 Panstarrs
P 2014 C1 Totas (circular W96)
P 2014 D2 Catalina Panstarrs
P 2014 E1 Larson
P 2014 L2 Neowise (circular W96)
P 2014 L3 Hill (circular W96)
P 2014 MG4 Spacewatch-Panstarrs (circular W96)
P 2014 M4 Panstarrs
P 2014 O3 Panstarrs (circular W96)
P 2014 R5 Lemmon-Panstarrs (circular W96)
P 2014 S4 Gibbs (circular W96)
P 2014 U4 Panstarrs (circular W96)
P 2014 V1 Panstarrs (circular W96)
P 2014 W1 Panstarrs (circular W96)
P 2014 W4 Panstarrs (circular W96)
P 2014 W12 Gibbs (circular W96)
P 2014 X1 Elenin (circular W96)

P 2015 F1 Panstarrs
P 2015 J3 Neowise (circular W96)
P 2015 P4 Panstarrs (circular W96)
P 2015 Q1 Scotti
P 2015 Q2 Pimentel (circular W96)
P 2015 R2 Panstarrs (circular W96)
P 2015 S1 Loneos-Tucker => P 1998 QP54 (circular W96)
P 2015 T3 Panstarrs (circular W96)

P 2016 G1 Panstarrs (MBC)
P 2016 P1 Panstarrs (circularW96)
P 2016 P2 Panstarrs (circular W96)
P 2016 P3 Neat-Loneos (circular W96)
P 2016 Q3 Linear (PK08SG4H) (circular W96)
P 2016 S1 Panstarrs (circular W96)

P 2017 A2 Panstarrs (circular W96)
P 2017 K3 Gasparovic (circular W96)
P 2017 W3 Gibbs

P 2018 L5 Leonard (circular W96)

P 2019 A2 Atlas (circular W96)

A 2018 C2
A 2018 F4 (circular W96)

Reports MPC :
=> I10 and W96
2009 at 2016
=> W96 2017
=> W96 2018
=> W96 2019
=> W96 2020


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